Four Things You Should be Doing After Applying for a Job

apply_online_for_a_jobYou’ve just clicked submit and there is a sigh of relief. Alas, the challenge of applying for another job is done. But, what’s next? What you do after applying to the job is just as crucial to submitting your application. Here are four things you should always do:

Create a Follow Up System

An organized job search can relieve a lot of pressure that goes along with job hunting, which is why we recommend creating a job lead follow up system. Your system should include: a follow up log, a copy of the job description, and your tailored cover letter and resume. We also recommend creating a specific folder for each job you apply for so you will be prepared for your interview. Here’s a snapshot of what your follow up log may look like:

follow up

Continue to Research

Researching an organization doesn’t stop once you’ve found the hiring manager’s name. It extends to finding your future boss’ name and email address as well. You should not only send your resume and cover letter to the hiring manager, but to your future boss too. Reaching out to him or her directly is a great way to stand out from other candidates. A simple way to start the email is “I recently submitted my application for your (blank) position, and I just wanted to reach out to you personally.” Then, continue with your original cover letter.

Follow the Organization on Social Media

Using social media should not only be for the employer to check you out. You should be doing the same. Sleuthing their online presence is a great way to determine the company’s culture as well as staying up-to-date with what’s going on within the organization. LinkedIn is an ideal tool to help you stay current on the organization’s news. By simply following the company, you will get news, updates and announcements of new services, etc. Now, in your interview you will be able to tailor your questions because you have a better understanding of the current and future state of the organization.

Be Prepared for the Call

Busy hiring managers are often inundated with applications and are looking to quickly reduce the candidate pool, so don’t get excluded because of improper etiquette. Once you’ve submitted your winning resume and cover letter and you’ve been contacted for an interview, make sure you convey an upbeat attitude so the hiring manager will know that you would be a delight to work with and always follow-up with a thank you note.

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